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Who Should Handle Your Search Engine Optimization? Learn 5 Options!

If you’re tired of corporate ladders never letting you up another rung, or you’re just all too familiar with an economy that’s growing in terms of the number of jobs but not bringing incomes up with it, then you’re probably thinking about starting up your own business, if you haven’t already. You have to have a website, even if you’re not directly e-commerce, and you need search engine optimization for that website. Still, who is going to handle that for you? Keep reading to learn 5 choices:

1) Do It Yourself: If you’re just starting a small business, and especially if you’re self-employed, you might be a person wearing quite a few different hats. SEO helps from the very start, especially if no one knows you exist, so it’s critical to get started on it as early as you can, but you might not have the money or resources to pay someone else to handle things for you. If that’s the case, you might want to start learning the basic fundamentals on your own. The rudimentary aspects of it are easy enough for anyone willing to work a little at it, and you can generate some solid results on your own. You’ll also have a good understanding of search engine optimization that lets you speak the language of industry experts you deal with later on. Check out this Youtube video for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8xcp8olA3s


2) Delegate It To Someone: Whether it’s a friend or family member you just cook meals for in a favor swap or a person you hire in your fledgling business, it’s sometimes a smart decision to delegate search engine optimization responsibilities to someone else if you can. It frees up your time and energy for focusing on your business and only the duties that you can provide to the overall effort

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3) Create A Team: If your operation grows large enough, your SEO efforts might need to follow suit. While one person working alone, be it you or someone delegated, might be enough for a truly tiny business, a bigger one will get to the point that the Malibu SEO efforts might need to be split up among many different individuals per tasks or responsibilities. Someone might be truly adept at generating backlinks, whereas you might have another person who is great at content creation. A certain individual might be adept at social media management, while another can handle the technical aspects, like on-page and off-page optimization. You can either create this team with your in-house staff, by delegating each aspect to external vendors or third-party contractors and specialists, or even using a mix of outside help and members of your own team.

4) Outsource In Town: If you really want to make the most of your business’ money or company resources, you might discover that it’s best to just outsource all your SEO work to a Oakland SEO Company that specializes in such things. You can shop around and possibly find a monthly contract that’s cheaper than the overhead, payroll, and benefits of multiple in-house staff. You’d also be tapping into the industry experience of professionals that do this for a living all the time for many other clients, making them a very effective choice. An in-town agency is one that you can meet in person, call locally, and always be in the time zone as.

5) Outsource Out Of Town: One other possibility is using an outsourced agency that’s actually not in town. The very nature of search engine optimization work means you don’t have to have help that’s in your own home town, city, or state, since everything can be done online. You can communicate with them via email, chat, and video, and calling them long-distance isn’t likely to rack up charges if you’re using a wireless phone or your office uses VoIP. You might discover a truly talented agency past your own community, and their rates might be cheaper too if they’re in a more affordable market. If your business is competing directly with other local entities, then you just might find that using out-of-town Digital Storm SEO help is the only way to avoid agencies your competitors are already in touch with too.

Now that you’ve read this article, you know 5 different ways you can handle the search engine optimization responsibilities for your business from a logistical perspective.